Thyroid cancer surgery

Thyroid Cancer Surgery
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November 7, 2020
Thyroid Cancer Surgery
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March 24, 2021
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Thyroid cancer surgery

Thyroid Cancer Surgery

If thyroid cancer is to be treated at an early stage, it can be diagnosed. For which Thyroid cancer surgery is the only option.

While deciding the treatment options for a particular patient, the doctor will consider the following factors and can decide the individual treatment plan.:

  • The size of the cancer
  • The stage of the cancer
  • The location of the cancer
  • Your overall health and ability to recover from surgery
  • Your personal preferences
Thyroid Cancer Surgery

Thyroid cancer surgery

For most thyroid cancer, surgery is the first line of treatment. Depending on the type, size, stage, risk group, and location of cancer, you may have one or more of the following types of surgery.

  • Lobectomy: Means removes one side, or half of the thyroid gland. 

Advantages of this surgery are 

  • A very effective surgical treatment for small to intermediate size (up to 4 cm) thyroid cancers
  • Small cosmetic incision design
  • No risk of hypoparathyroidism (low blood calcium)
  • No need to take thyroid hormone pills 

Main disadvantage is that papillary thyroid cancer recurrence cannot be detected with help of radioiodine scans and thyroglobulin blood tests.

  • Total thyroidectomy: Means complete removal of thyroid gland. 

It is the most common type of surgery done worldwide. 

When to consider total thyroidectomy:

  • When thyroid cancer is large (more than 4 centimeters )
  • once cancer appears to have extended outside of the surface of the thyroid gland and/or surrounding lymph nodes. 

Disadvantage is that patient will need to take daily thyroid hormone pills. But one advantage of this surgery over lobectomy is that thyroid cancer recurrence can be detected using radioiodine scans and thyroglobulin blood tests.

  • Neck dissection removes lymph nodes from the neck. Other tissues around the thyroid may also be removed. Neck dissection is usually done when cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the neck 

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Dr Gaurav Khandelwal

M.S. M.Ch. Surgical oncology (Tata memorial Hospital Mumbai)
EBSQ European Board of Surgical Oncology Qualified
FSRS (Robotic surgery) Roswell park Cancer Centre USA
Mobile no. 8275791751

Dr. Gaurav Khandelwal, the profound emerald completed his MBBS and MS (General surgery) from renowned MGM Medical College Indore. After post-graduation, he got selected in India’s top-tier Cancer Institute. He is the first surgeon from Indore to get admission for super-specialization in cancer treatment M.Ch. (surgical oncology) in Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai.

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