Concept of breast conservation surgery

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January 25, 2021
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Concept of breast conservation surgery

Breast Cancer treatment in indore

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Breast cancer can be completely cured if detected in the early stage. For many women who receive timely treatment, the survival rate is close to 100 percent.

Treatment of breast cancer normally involves some type of surgery. The dedicated breast cancer doctor, Dr Gaurav Khandelwal in Indore offers the highest level of integrated surgical care, expertise and compassion.

Patient with discussion with the surgeon can choose between 2 types of surgery

Mastectomy is the surgery to remove the whole breast.

Lumpectomy (Breast-conserving surgery) is the surgery to remove cancer and a section of healthy tissue around it. People who choose this option keep their breasts.

Q 1 What is breast conservation surgery? (BCS)

Answer:Complete removal of the breast issue with a concentric margin of surrounding healthy tissue performed in a cosmetically acceptable manner (lumpectomy) usually followed by radiation therapy. Besides that, accomplishing a good cosmetic effect is of key importance when using BCS, balanced with width of excision, and achieving low local reoccurrence rate. It is safe and preferred therapeutic procedure in all early detected breast cancers, because it provides the same level of overall survival as mastectomy.

Q 2 Who have the options of breast conservation surgery?


  • Small tumour size (usually less than 5 cm)
  • Limited to one quadrant of breast
  • Ready to take radiation therapy
  • Are not pregnant or, if pregnant, will not need radiation therapy immediately (to avoid risking harm to the fetus)
  • Do not have a genetic factor such as a BRCA or ATM mutation, which might increase your chance of a second breast cancer
  • Do not have certain serious connective tissue diseases such as scleroderma or lupus, which may make you especially sensitive to the side effects of radiation therapy

Q 3 Is all the cancer removed during breast conservation surgery?

Answer: During the BCS, the surgeon will try to remove all the cancer, plus some surrounding normal tissue.During breast conservation surgery cancer tissue is sent for checking margins status. This is done by expert pathologist and procedure is called frozen section. Report comes in 10 to 15 minutes and surgeon gets confirmation for complete removal of cancer.

Conclusion: Patients should be encouraged to opt for a breast conserving approach when medically indicated

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Dr Gaurav Khandelwal

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FSRS (Robotic surgery) Roswell park Cancer Centre USA
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Dr. Gaurav Khandelwal, the profound emerald completed his MBBS and MS (General surgery) from renowned MGM Medical College Indore. After post-graduation, he got selected in India’s top-tier Cancer Institute. He is the first surgeon from Indore to get admission for super-specialization in cancer treatment M.Ch. (surgical oncology) in Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai.

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